Grout/Pressure washing

is every where it's in homes, commercial building , restaurants, hospitals,  public restrooms, schools,etc.  We normally see it on tile floors, tile walls, tile counters and occasional on tile ceilings. Grout is a material much like concrete, there is sanded and unsanded grout.  Depending on the type of tile and the width of the grout line determines which type of grout is used.  Grout ties together the loose ends of the tile after it's pattern has been set.  Cleaning the grout can be challenging if not knowledable of the type of chemicals and machines to use to get the grout clean.  We know how to get it clean every time!  Mold and mildew doesn't stand a chance with us.

Pressure Washing is done normally on exterior surfaces where weather conditions have made the appearance of decks, patios, concrete, buildings, homes, etc. look less favorable.  It takes the proper amount of water pressure along with the correct chemicals to remove stubborn stains left behind by mother nature.  We want be out done by our competitor or mother nature!

Window Cleaning is a task that can be done actually streak free when done properly.  Cleaning windows with the right cleaning agent and wiping with the correct material can give high polished results. Let us give your windows the glow they deserve.
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