Waxing floors can look unfavorable when done incorrectly.  It must be done without error in order to achieve the proper shine.  First, the floor must be thoroughly vacuumed to remove all debris.  Second, a chemical based solution is used to remove old wax, embedded dirt, and grime.  To do this a floor machine must be used.  Third, the soiled solution should be remove with a wet vacuum type system.  After this is done a clear water sweep should be made in stages to insure that all chemicals and debris has been removed from the floor.  Finally, once the floor has had time to dry then the wax is applied in stages to the floor.  This process isn't for the "do it yourselfer".  Waxing floors is one of our specialitites, we do it right the first time so you won't have the aggrevations of losing time and money.

Buffing floors is a must in order to achieve the ultimate shine. You first have to have the proper wax applied to the floor to achieve the ultimate shine.  You will then need a high speed buffer often called burnishers.  The pad on a burnishers turns at a high rate of speed which causes the wax to  slightly heat do to friction and revolutions per minute of the pad.  The end result is a mirror like shine.  Let us give you the shine your company desires
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